Vapriikin Raitti Tampere

Image by Johanna Peurala

Vapriikin Raitti – Walking above the rapid

The most spectacular walking route in the heart of the Tampere is absolutely Vapriikin raitti. Vapriikin raitti goes just in the middle of the national landscape of the old red brick industrial buildings and above Tammerkoski rapid. This Raitti is absolutely the best place to admire the foams and froths of the rapids and to feel the spirit of the old red brick buildings.

Vapriikin raitti is a 170-meter-long, wooden, quite narrow walking path with some steep stairs. It is a new structure in old surroundings because it was opened in 2019.

Before enjoying this original and memorable walking path, I recommend having a nice lunch at Tampella restaurant (on the terrace or indoors) first. From the restaurant, there is a short way to Vapriikin raitti because the old iron gate of the Vapriikin raitti is just next to the restaurant.

In the middle of Vapriikin raitti there is also the entrance to the great Vapriikki museum and the museum-restaurant Valssi. Vapriikki museum is certainly worth visiting because it has many exhibitions and interesting sub-museums, like the ice hockey museum and the game museum.

Vapriikin raitti ends on the north side of the Alexandra Siltanen park where you can admire the sculptures honouring he famous Finnish writer Kalle Päätalo. The park is also a very nice place to have a picnic on the grass. Next to Alexandra Siltanen park there is Palatsi bridge with some spectacular views to Tammerkoski rapid and to the national landscape.

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Vapriikin raitti, Tampere

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Same opening hours as Vapriikki museum


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