Wilhelm von Nottbeck Park Tampere

Image by Johanna Peurala

Wilhelm von Nottbeck Park – A palace garden

By the rapids in the Finlayson area there is a beautiful palace, Finlaysonin Palatsi, with a lovely garden. The palace and its garden have previously been privately owned by the director of  Finlayson, Wilhelm von Nottbeck. But nowadays, the park and palace are open to the public.

Wilhelm von Nottbeck park and Finlaysonin Palatsi are a perfect spot to stop and admire the beauty of this English-style garden and the new renaissance style palace when heading to Tallipiha or Milavida, which are both just across the road.

During summertime the old, great trees and the flowing rapid create a nice place to sit down in the garden on the blanket in the shadows of the old trees, or on the terrace of the Palatsi’s restaurant. The garden is also very beautiful during autumn when the coloured leaves fall off from the trees to the ground. The garden is always very quiet, so it is perfect spot to relax from the noises of the city.

In the garden, apart from the old fountains, there is also a small white pavilion. Just by the rapids there is an eagle-shaped memorial. This memorial (of the visit of Alexander I in Tampere) has been in the park since 1830, making it the oldest sculpture in Tampere.

A tip for a secret spot: if you have time to wander around the garden, you can find a tomb stone with the writing ‘Diana’. The story tells that it is the grave of the director’s beloved dog, Diana.

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Kuninkaankatu 1, Tampere

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24 hours daily
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