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Julia from Vienna

Had a few homes. Vienna is not only a wonderful city to live in but also a great...

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In Vienna’s first district (hence the name), you can go on a special escape mission in a decommissioned car of the city’s metro system.

First things first, in case you never heard of the concept:

An escape room (exit game, puzzle room) is a game in which you are locked in a room – or more of them connected with each other. Within a limited time frame, you and your team must solve puzzles, find clues, and accomplish various tasks to make your way back out. The brainteasers test your skill level of problem-solving and ability to think outside the box. When solved, challenges that unlock access to new items or areas may include word games, numbers, arranging things into patterns, assembling objects, and optical phenomena. It’s about teamwork and joining the dots fast and cleverly, which is what I love the concept for.

Who might get excited about this? A group of friends, school classes, couples, a team of co-workers (team building), or a bachelor/bachelorette party… in short: people looking for a good time filled with lots of action and fun. Here, the possible maximum of players is six. However, four people are perfect in terms of room setup and number of puzzles per player.

They invite you to “escape from your everyday routine into an exciting new world”! At First Escape, you do this underground; the cellars give you an idea of Vienna’s old architecture. I’ll be back soon to test the above 16 only Hotel Room 13 😉.

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Julia from Vienna

Julia Heiligenbrunner photo

Had a few homes. Vienna is not only a wonderful city to live in but also a great...

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