The Sub Crawl Glasgow

Image by Gill Davies

The Sub Crawl – Pub Crawl on the Subway

This is as much a warning as a recommendation. The Sub Crawl is a pub crawl with a difference – it takes place on the subway. Sub crawlers get off the train at each stop and have a drink in the nearest pub. There are 15 stops on the subway. It gets messy.

If anyone invites you to a Sub Crawl, think about it carefully. Think about your reputation and your bank balance. Can you handle your bevvy? Have you got money to burn? Then wire in. Buy an all day ticket at the first station and work your way round the pubs with your pals until you give up, pass out, get arrested or all of the above.

I haven’t done the Sub Crawl – even if I had, I doubt I would have remembered it. But I was on the receiving end of one in The Laurieston Bar recently, across from Bridge Street subway. The regulars were sitting reading their papers when a gang of drunk students in fancy dress invaded the place. On a Sunday afternoon.

If you’re hellbent on doing the Sub Crawl, check out this guide for pubs to visit on the way.

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