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Gastronomy is my passion, my biggest hobby, and also my job... Madrid is the per...

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Fayer is a culinary canvas where Israeli and Argentine flavors artfully intertwine, with the charcoal grill playing the starring role. It’s an unconventional fusion, one that might raise eyebrows initially. Yet, as you delve into their offerings, the synergy becomes evident. Both cultures hold grilled cuisine close to their hearts, and Fayer masterfully brings this shared passion to the table.

The menu is a delightful journey across continents. Relish the falafel, arguably the finest in the city, and the kibbe, offering a taste of the Middle East. But then, you’re transported to Argentina with meat empanadas and pastrón — a delightful short-rib pastrami. Grilled eggplants, skirt steak, and delectable homemade baklava further exemplify the blend of these distinct culinary worlds. While the menu might seem concise, it’s brimming with dishes that beckon you to traverse from the Middle East to Argentina and back again. The dishes are crafted for sharing, so embrace the spirit and sample as many as you can.

For aficionados of grilled delights, Fayer is a dream come true. The grilling essence is infused subtly, making each bite a smoky revelation. Beyond the flavors, the presentation is impeccable, making each dish a visual feast. Opt for a seat by the open kitchen, and you’re in for a culinary performance.

My initial visit was driven by curiosity, but subsequent ones? Pure gastronomic pleasure. Fayer has swiftly ascended the ranks to become a cherished dining spot in my repertoire in Madrid.

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César from Madrid

César González photo

Gastronomy is my passion, my biggest hobby, and also my job... Madrid is the per...

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Calle de Orfila, 7, Madrid

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Tue - Sun 12:00 - 16:00 & 20:00 - 01:00


Lamb koftas: € 28


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