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Pernille Grønnegaard Møller (1990)

About me
It had always been my plan to move to Copenhagen and in 2010 I packed my bags and moved here to study leisure management. I’m lucky that my studies and my jobs since have exposed me to the more urban scene of the city.

I live with my boyfriend in Østerbro and luckily we share a passion of travelling to new places.

In the daytime I am a marketing and event coordinator and the rest of my time I kick-box, instagram and watch people with a beer or coffee in my hand.

Why Copenhagen?
For a girl from a small town, who only visited the city with her parents on holidays, Copenhagen is a magical place. There are people everywhere and they come from all over the country and the world.

It’s a city with coffee houses, bars, galleries and urban gardens everywhere you look. And every time you turn back around, a new place has opened that you just have to try.

I love the pulse, the vibe and the way the city changes throughout the seasons.

Where can you find me online?

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