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AngoloMilano – The real cotoletta

Every person in the world knows that Italy is universally recognized as the home of food. And every person in Italy knows that every region in the country region has its own specialities. Bologna has lasagne, ragù, mortadella. Rome has supplì, artichokes, amatriciana. Palermo has arancini, swordfish, cannoli. And I could go on for every region, probably for every Italian city, surprisingly, also for Lombardy, and more specifically also for Milan. That’s of course because I am Milanese, but almost every normal Italian person ignores that also Lombardy has its own regional recipes, its own culinary traditions, its typically Lombard foods!

That’s why, probably, it is so difficult to find an authentic Milanese restaurant like AngoloMilano is. What I really find special in this domestic and homely place is the restricted menu: the choice is subordinate to the seasonal offer and more importantly, purely Milanese (that’s why I chose to use the word “restricted”). In addition, this lovely and authentic site has well-read management that promotes alternative evenings and happenings, so I carefully follow them of Facebook to discover their next initiative.

My best experience in AngoloMilano has been to learn how to make fresh pasta: a small class of girls under the guidance of a master pasta maker and in a couple of hours I was able to bring out the best Orecchiette ever!

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Via Gian Antonio Boltraffio 18, Milan

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Opening Times

Tue - Sat 12:00 - 14:30 & 19.00 - 22.30, Sun 12:00 - 14:30


Dinner from: € 20


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