Il Centro dell’Incisione Milan

Image by Pablo Urbini

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Francesca from Milan

I love playing tennis, animals, books... and food! Milan is a metropolis of litt...

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I don’t think that “Il centro dell’Incisione” has the fame it really deserves. I love arts, in a broad sense: I love architecture, sculpture, painting, I love contemporary art and modern antiques. For sure I am not an expert, I don’t search any kind of art in a professional sense but just only for my personal pleasure; yet, throughout my life as a curious Milanese art lover, I got to know this wonderful place by mistake, not because I was really looking for it – I was unaware of its existence.

So, as I wrote, I discover it by chance while walking along the canals during a sunny Sunday morning. I saw its five external arches and looked inside, noticed it was open and entered the gate. Inside, what surprise! A small corridor led to the internal courtyard from which I could enjoy the view over this wonderful ancient building, completely covered with climbing plants.

Walking around the ground floor, I found out this has actually been the successful experiment of a coworking and engraving workshop. The place is still today fully operational, and I felt it just by seeing the tools and the products of the trade in some of the rooms of the ground floor, and by sniffing the smells of paints and solvents. Choose a sunny afternoon to visit this magic place, or alternatively, if possible, the last Sunday of the month (like it casually and fortunately was for me!). But I recommend going there with a camera :).

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Francesca from Milan

Francesca Vittorelli photo

I love playing tennis, animals, books... and food! Milan is a metropolis of litt...

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Alzaia Naviglio Grande 66, Milan

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Tue - Sat & last Sunday each month 16:00 - 19:00




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