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Constan Longares Barrio (1970)

About me
I am a lawyer working for an international organization in Paris. But this is the boring part of myself. I love travelling and having new experiences, design, cooking, spending time with my family in new places, mountain climbing, going to sandy beaches… anything that one can do outdoors or in new places. I have lived in many countries in Europe, notably Eastern Europe, which was a very enriching experience. Now I’ve been living since 2011 in Paris, France, the city of light, the city of love…

Why Paris
I love Paris because there is always something new, it is always surprising. Beautiful in almost all its corners, it is a very cosmopolitan city of contrasts. One can always find people from all around the world, interested in new stuff and enjoying a good time. It is also a very tolerant city where all types of people fit and have a place to enjoy and let others enjoy life without judgment.

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